Carley Bakker On-Air with CKPM-FM 98.7

Reputation Marketing Speaker and Award-Winning Corporate Trainer Carley Bakker talks social media marketing with Dave Cannon on CKPM-FM 98.7 radio

Usually when I do a radio interview, it’s the host who asks me questions.

That is what’s going to happen during my Greater Vancouver social media chat with Dave Cannon, “the morning guy”, on Thursday, April 11 at 8:20 a.m. on CKPM-FM 98.7 radio. (Learn specific social media marketing tips, how to use web videos and local online advertising to drive your business.)

However, before going live on air, I wanted to discover the story behind this new radio station. Here’s what I learned about Dave Cannon, CKPM-FM and the inspiration behind it, Matthew McBride.

Who is behind the launch of CKPM-FM?

Locally trained and gifted with a booming radio voice, morning show host Dave Cannon loves to get up early and will do “anything for coffee”, according to his boss, Matthew McBride, General Manager, Owner and “Inspirational Head Cheese” of CKPM-FM. Having been in the radio business for years, Matthew describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur who happens to be a broadcaster”.

Starting a radio station is “a simple thing” he says. “It’s a craft like anything else.” He has had ample practice to master the writing, pitching and presenting that goes into such a venture. This is the fourth radio station that Matthew has launched. Prior to this, he has set up stations in Tofino, Ucluelet and the beat 94.5.

What does it take to launch a new radio station? A strategy, of course.

I loved Matthew’s answer to this, as it fits perfectly with CKK Internet Marketing’s strategy-first approach. He told me that he started with a business plan, which surprises some, as not everyone knows that media outlets are businesses.

An important factor in set up is selecting just the right place to base a radio station. For Matthew, this meant finding a community with a strong self-identity and the Tri-Cities fit the profile perfectly. What are three aspects of this area’s identity? Matthew sees them as Highway 7, the Evergreen Line and Burnaby Mountain, which geographically separates the area from Vancouver.

Starting a radio station is “not for the squeamish” Matthew says. He spent close to five years bringing the station to fruition. “You have to do it right.” That means abiding by strict Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulations for broadcasters. He succeeded. CKPM-FM went live in December 2012.

Who is listening in? Think mobile

In the morning, most station listeners are in vehicles. They’re commuting to work, dropping off kids at school or heading to the gym. After nine, people are stationary, at work or at home, and are listening via the Internet, Matthew told me.

Greater Vancouver online marketing tip:

Driving business through social media marketing means meeting your customers where they are: target your Greater Vancouver internet marketing campaigns to smartphone users from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

I know I’m looking forward to meeting Dave and Matthew in-studio and letting them ask the questions.


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